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What is Paint Protection and why would i want to install it on my new vehicle.

Do you have feelings of empathy and love for your vehicle? I know that i do. But, no matter how much you’re in love with this precious investment, a bitter truth is your car is prone to many damages – exterior and interior. We are giving emphasis on the protection of its exterior surface.

When it comes to protecting the outer surface of your car, Paint Protection Film (PPF) can play a significant role. PPF, commonly known as clear bra, is a thermoplastic urethane film designed to protect your car`s exterior. It acts as a shield by protecting the car from various destructive agents such as rocks , bugs, road rash and other debris. There are many other benefits to Paint Protection Film as well. For example, it will keep your car looking new by enhancing its shine and polished look while preservering the cars factory paint underneath.

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