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Seattle Auto Pro

Protect your vehicle with high-quality

+1 (206) 251-4987

Seattle Window Tinting

Seattle Auto Pro offers window tinting for all makes and models of vehicles. We offer a variety of tint shades, hues and colors at our Seattle tint shop. Our window tint specialists are able to exceed expectations on auto tint styling and application. 

Seattle Automotive Paint Shop

Seattle Auto Pro is Eastlake's best automotive paint shop, offering professional auto body painting and protection at our shop in Eastlake.

Seattle Auto Body Repair Shop

Seattle Auto pro is ready to fix and replace damaged automotive body sections and restore your vehicle to it's original factory condition after a fender bender or automotive collision. Our Seattle auto body shop is also able to add extra protection from future dings and scratches on top of our restorative services.

Seattle Automotive Paint Protection Installation

LLumar automotive protection packages consist of professionally installation of a protective film which is adhered to the clean surface of your vehicle. This film is specially designed to protect the surface of your paint. This film will "self heal" when damaged or scratched. Your paint is not damaged during the application of the protective film.

Basic Package 

Includes: Partial hood, partial fender, and mirrors 

Deluxe Package 

Includes: Partial hood, partial fender, partial front bumper,and mirrors 

Platinum Package 

Includes: FULL hood, full front bumper, full fenders, and mirrors 

** Extras: Door edges $40 | Handle cups $40 | Rocker panels $175-$300 |

Trunk entry $50 | Front door entry $60 | A Pillars & Roofline $150 **

We also offer custom kits please call for pricing. 

The prices listed above are just a base line starting price. These prices are subject to change depending on size, year, make, model and condition of the vehicle.Other factors may cause price adjustments.


$275 +tax

$750 +tax

Call for quote

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